Flex your Happiness Muscle

Fitness, Health and Happiness
If there was such a thing, could you train your “happiness muscle”?
Well, the emerging field of Positive Psychology says “Yes!”
By using these techniques on a regular basis, you can actually increase your well-being, life satisfaction and joy:

  • Single Task- Doing too many things at once makes it difficult to be present and enjoy what you’re doing.
  • Celebrate- Appreciate your accomplishments, large or small and share with others
  • Slow Down- Spend more time doing things that you truly enjoy
  • Underdose- Try to avoid going overboard.  Too much of a good thing reduces it’s pleasure.
  • Share the moment- Do things you like with people you enjoy spending time with
  • Set Goals- Working toward goals bring a sense of purpose and satisfaction.  Happiness grows when you reach for and achieve your goals.
  • Remember well- Spend time recalling and reflecting on happy moments.
  • Think ahead- Plan fun activities for the future and envision your enjoyment.

Just like exercise, these techniques get easier with practice.  Make these part of your healthy daily habits and your quality of life and overall joy will improve!  For more info, check out the report at www.health.Harvard.edu

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