Hi I'm Rose!

I was an overweight and out of shape kid, not very athletic and the "last one to get picked for the dodge ball team".

I really just wanted to be skinny, and tried pretty much everything until learning about nutrition and fitness, and finding that proper exercise and eating healthy really DOES work!

As the years went by, I realized that getting healthy was even better and more important than getting skinny, and that feeling healthy and fit makes life a whole lot easier.

I truly believe that fitness can be fun - it's just a matter of finding what you like (or what you will do in order to reach your goals), and having fun people to work out with. I wanted to create a place for health and fitness that felt warm and welcoming, so I opened Healthy Habits Studio in 1993. Since then, the Studio has continued to offer cutting edge programs, and we joined the Fit Body Boot Camp family, adding workouts for maximal results in minimal time.

I am a master trainer for the fitness companies listed below. Please email me for information about the trainings or information on how to book a course at your location.