• Martha R., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    I wish I could give this place a billion stars review! I'm OBSESSED with this place. Marc and Rose are amazing trainers and inspiring human beings. They're my FITspiration! They are so knowledgeable and helpful and make me excited about fitness. Every single bootcamp class is different so you will never get bored. After seeing my results, I've gotten my sister and friend to join, and they love it!! I found this place on Groupon and didn't hesitate to become a member. I lost 15 lbs in the first three months, all while gaining muscle and strength and releasing fat into the wilderness, never to find it again. I'm so toned and see muscles I've never seen before. I get really bummed when I don't have the opportunity to make it to a class. In addition, the members in the class are all really nice and welcoming, and their dedication is also very inspiring. Couldn't be happier with this place! :)

    Martha R.
  • Barb C., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    I love Healthy Habits, I have been a member for over 10 years. The workouts are always challenging and different each day. It's the best gym and I will hopefully work out there for another 10 years. I love Rose and Marc.

    Barb C.
  • Briget P., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    I went here last weekend for a 1.5 hour yoga session and it was worth every penny. Saturday morning's 10:30 a.m. session was surprisingly cozily booked. There were only 6 of us and I had the perfect amount of space. I enjoyed Rose's spirit and instruction because she truly enjoys her craft and it shows.

    I arrived without a reservation but Rose guided me through the process on an ipad and was patient with me even as she was the only one working the studio that morning. I do recommend doing the reservation in advance on her website so the experience will be stress-free and seamless as yoga should be! Great find and I will be back when I'm in town.

    Briget P.
  • Carrie S., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    I have finally found a system that motivates me to do my best and work my hardest! and not ever get bored. I so enjoy Healthy Habits as a workout lifestyle, I would never work this hard in a gym or even feel motivated to. The staff, Rose and Marc are so supportive and driven to get the best out of you. I have met some wonderful fellow workout buddies here. It is the best Birthday gift I ever got! ever!!

    Carrie S.
  • Kim M., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    Rose and Marc are great with excellent instruction on form and proper technique. I like that they have a mid afternoon workout - very rare in finding a "boot camp".

    Kim M.
  • Cora D., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    Love it here! Trainers are nice and they push you to do what your body can handle. There are certain things I cannot do. The trainers modify the exercises so that I can still get a good workout. My whole body is sore but in a good way. Great atmosphere overall!

    Cora D.
  • Jessica F., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    FINALLY! A reason to drag my butt out of bed at 6 a.m. That hasn't happened since college, possibly since high school. Surely not since I've been let loose into the "real world."

    Needless to say, I've been looking a LONG time (try four+ years) for a place in Sacramento to work on my fitness in Sacramento where I feel at home, and I'm excited to say that I think I've found it.

    Healthy Habits offers a large number of classes and times to choose from. Both Rose and Marc are open, friendly and supportive but still push you to your full potential. I leave feeling like I worked out to the point of soreness, but not so sore that I can't muster the strength to roll out of bed the next day (or two) after.

    Class sizes are small enough that I almost feel like I've got my own personal trainer, and other attendees are super friendly and non-judgmental, which is not something I've always gotten at other places when trying to fit into a class of hardcore regulars. There is no meat market here... just a group of people who come to work hard and have fun doing it.

    It's the perfect mix that has motivated me to become a regular gym-goer again.

    Thank you, Healthy Habits, for making fitness fun!

    Jessica F.
  • Kitty L., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    Workouts are different every day and always leave me feeling great! Short bursts of energy and slow, careful weightlifting are what makes working out at Healthy Habits so great!

    Kitty L.
  • Naomi F., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    Rose and Marc are both amazingly motivating, I enjoy working out with both trainers and everyone is always so nice!

    Naomi F.
  • Christine L., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    Great environment and staff. Always something to do to challenge yourself and gain results! Rose is amazing and Healthy Habits is not your typical "gym" experience, it's so much more.

    Christine L.
  • Amy E., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    I've tried several boot camps in the area and haven't found one that I think is worth paying for after a Groupon ends. Healthy Habits is it! I started with a Groupon and was really impressed by Rose and her kindness during the introductory session. I've been going to the morning classes with Marc, and I can already see a difference in my body and DEFINITELY feel a difference in how sore I am. I appreciate the atmosphere of the workouts -- people are friendly, yes, but there isn't a ridiculous amount of chatting. Marc is fantastic at checking your form and making sure it's on point. The workouts are well thought-out and challenging. On top of that, the studio is clean and well-equipped. I can't say enough good things. So happy to have found it!

    Amy E.
  • Mitch D., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    Rose and her team at Healthy Habits are perfect Mentors/Teachers for those with a heart who want to stay or get healthier!!

    Her Instructors are all vetted to be THE BEST, and Member Service is #1 to the Nth Degree!!

    Mitch D.
  • Dana F., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    Rose and Marc are amazing, absolutely fabulous! Groupon introduced me and they won me over. I bounced around a few gyms via Groupon to find the right fit and Healthy Habits is just that - with flying colors. They treat EVERYONE (Grouponers, long term clients, etc.) like their top priority - and they're sincere about it.

    Compared to other gyms they are super clean, Kaelyn at the front desk is a gem, their boutique first name basis approach simply cannot be beat. Before joining Healthy Habits I had not regularly worked out for 10 years. I am excited to jump out of bed at 5:30 and get my butt to the gym - which is saying A LOT for me. Bravo Rose!

    Per the two negative reviews;

    1. The Groupon offer was very clear....everyone else seemed to get it just fine. Operator error perhaps :/

    2. The Studio is totally clean and IF a class is 5 minutes late, they go 5 minutes long. I go regularly and classes are rarely if ever late.

    Dana F.
  • Gami P., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    What I like the most about this place is that a wonderful human being and coach owns it!! Rose is very professional and a great friend!!

    Gami P.
  • Darlene R., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    Rose is the bootcamp instructor and she is great. She is sweet, has a great personality, motivating and has enough energy for everyone. She makes sure you are exercising in the proper form and gives you the push you need. She has a different routine everyday so you could be sure to have a well rounded workout for the whole week. She makes sure you get both cardio and strengthening.

    Marc is the spin instructor and he is good at what he does as well. He also makes sure you have the proper form and just gives you a kick ass workout that you can feel the next day!

    Darlene R.
  • Jenn Hall , Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    Great fitness, fun and friends! Classes and programs for all levels.

    Jenn Hall
  • Melissa B., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    This studio had great work outs!

    Rose, the owner, is a tiny thing....but don't let her size fool you. She will kick your butt big time and look so sweet and cute as she does it! She is asks for suggestions on how to make the studio and classes better, including new times, classes, etc.

    The 30/30 spin and sculpt kicked my butt, sculpt/boot camp class with Marc or Rose are great, the Pilates Fit was pretty kick butt too. I really liked all the classes! The Pilates/Yoga class wasn't very intense, but it was a good class to get a good stretch and work the core and bootie.

    Tip for parking - you don't have to pay the street parking fee if you park on the side street, I believe it was 22nd, instead of parking on J St.

    Great studio to work out at!

    Melissa B.
  • Steve S., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    I attended Healthy Habits Fitness, Yoga and Pilates Studio over 10 years ago. Rose and her staff provide Outstanding Training and classes for all fitness levels. I have recommended many new instructors and students to Healthy Habits and everyone of them were very pleased with the quality of instruction and service they received.

    Steve S.
  •  Shannon H., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    Healty Habits Studio is such a great place to work out. The workouts are never the same so you will never get bored. Rose pushes you to get the best workout and results while you are there. She also educates you about nutrition and helps you to change your lifestyle and habits. All within an hour of working out. I don't like to go to the gym or working out but I just happen to keep going to Healthy Habits because of the support. Great, Great place!

    Shannon H.
  • Karin B., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    Tops..a 10 all the way.. great place. Holds multipurpose activities such as fundraiser for charity benefits.

    Karin B.
  • Candace F., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    I just started going to HH because a friend of mine was ranting and raving about how AWESOME it was. She dropped into one class and was hooked. I decided to try out the 3 week boot camp just to see what the hype was all about. I LOVE ROSE (owner and instructor) and HH!!! I am now hooked too! I am so completely comfortable there because it feels like Rose is my homegirl and I am working out at her house. She makes it worth my time, every minute is utilized, and she kicks my booty!!! I go in 4 times a week and I look forward to working out because really is a ton of fun. We have gotten a bunch of our friends to join us so it's like a party in there every time we go.

    Candace F.
  • Serena Q., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    When I work out here I feel like a star! The studio is housed in a large old Victorian home, where each room is now some sort of exercise area. The resulting feel is so exclusive and comfortable that you almost feel like you are working out at home with your girlfriends. My cousin and I went in for one of the "Down and Dirty 30/30 Spin/Sculpt classes" and I just loved it. 30 minutes of Spin in Healthy Habit's upstairs spin room. The Spin is casual but intense; you could tell the other women working out knew each other from being regulars, but were very warm and welcoming to us newbies. 30 minutes flew by, and then we did an intense circuit downstairs with Rose Zahn, the owner. Rose is one of those charismatic individuals that you just feel good being around. I felt instantly welcomed by and appreciated by her. I walked away from the class feeling spoiled. What a great resource for Sacramento!

    Next on my list is their Stripper workout class! I heard it is a lot of fun and a great workout.

    Serena Q.
  • Sabrina F., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    After my first pilates class at Healthy Habits, I could not walk/run/bend/move for 1.5 days. The pilates class at 5:30 lasts for an hour and during that hour Janel takes every part of our bodies and BEATS THEM UP. But, in a good way. My friend and I loved it! It's reasonably priced- 15 per class.

    Now I work the front desk on Saturdays here... HH is such a great place to get into shape! Marc is hardcore and will kick your ass and you will be happy about it. I take Spin twice a week and it's a great cardio workout. Girls can take Strippercize and Pole Dancing, led by the hottest 50-something year old woman ever- Donna. The owner, Rose, is incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. Healthy Habits is the place to be.

    Sabrina F.
  • Ruth B., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    I HATE working out. HATE...IT. With a passion. But a few friends and I decided to try the Stippercize class at HH. I gave them 5 stars because I actually had fun! Can you believe it? Me! It is an aerobics class based on moves an exotic dancer may use. No poles in this class (that's the next class I'm taking). No removal of clothes. It's just a really fun aerobics class...and it kicked my a$$....literally!

    Rose, the instructor/owner was so much fun. I had a hard time with some of it because I have asthma and aerobics always do that to me, but usually I just want to quit when that happens. But she made it enough fun where I hung in there and just took a break here and there rather than quitting.

    If you want a fun workout, some laughs and all for a reasonable price...hit up HH!!

    Ruth B.
  • Anne K., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    Phenomenal! Their group personal training is the best deal in town. Rose and Marc are the best trainers I have worked with and their workouts are always creative and fun. Bootcamp and Sculpt classes are fantastic. I've been working out there a year and a half now and I've never been in such good shape and I was an athlete in college. The amenities are great too - nice shower, free coffee and fruit. Just an overall wonderful place to get your butt kicked:)

    Anne K.
  •  Judi M., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    HH is a great place to get the attention you deserve when you want to commit to a body change. Rose Zahn (owner) is very knowledgeable (UCLA graduate). The atmosphere is fun and energetic. Not only does the studio offer personal training and intense nutrition classes, they offer a variety of great classes. Try their Dance X or Boot camp...those two classes together are taking my backside to another level...and I have been a runner (12-20 miles per week) for years!

    Judi M.
  • Kim H., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    I first walked into Healthy Habits in August of 2008. Five years later I am healthier than I have ever been. The workouts are always challenging and the people are fantastic. Marc and Rose will kick your butt each and every day. And, the other members have become an important part of my life. We keep each other on track and even offer a healthy dose of peer pressure to ensure we're all in class and working up to our potential. I've been to many gyms - Healthy Habits is one of a kind!

    Kim H.
  • Samantha C., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    This place is great! I was so sore after my first class but it was such a good sore. I felt like my whole body had been worked out. The instructors are quite nice and very personable. I've only taken a couple of classes but I'm enjoying myself thus far. Our instructor is funny and has great stories. She fills the class time with good celebrity gossip and whatnot so you forget (momentarily) that your legs are burning. I'm looking forward to trying some of the different classes that they offer. I went ahead and took the plunge and bought a package of classes so I should be in great (or at least not quite as bad) shape by the summer.

    Samantha C.
  • Noe A., Healthy Habits Studio Testimonials

    I got a great deal on Groupon and I am seeing results already. Rose and Marc are great! I am so happy I joined!

    Noe A.


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