Kitchen Clean Out

Before you get started on changes for a healthier you, take a good look at your kitchen – the fridge, what's lining your cupboard, the pantry – and get rid of all the things that might tempt you or are unhealthy.

Toss processed, packaged foods – chemical ingredients, artificial sweeteners, and trans fat – your body doesn’t recognize them as food, and will spend a lot of energy processing, detoxifying, and eliminating them. 

This includes:

Cold cereals with more than 4 grams of sugar per serving

Soda, juice and fruit cocktails or drink mixes

Cookies, cakes and candies 

Chips, crackers, and pretzels

Granola bars, breakfast bars and "energy" bars

Frozen dinners

Bacon, high sodium lunch meats and sausages

Artificial sweeteners and products with artificial sweeteners

Toss old condiments that you hardly use – these are often hidden sources of added sugar, sodium and fat that maybe harboring mold or other pathogens

This includes:

Mayonnaise, Ketchup

Salad dressings

Cream cheese and cheese spreads

Replace vegetable or canola oil with organic extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. 

Replace plastic food containers with BPA-free glass containers. 

Check your non-stick cookware for scratches and rust. Replace with Teflon-free cookware. 

Rid your fridge of any “fridge experiments” lurking in the back. Set up a labelling system to ensure that leftovers are eaten in 2-3 days.


Stock up with fresh veggies and lean proteins and set up your food prep plan so that you eat all those healthy foods before they get old.

Fresh, healthy, REAL food does not have preservatives, which is a good thing! Most of the food we eat SHOULD go bad, we just have to eat it before it does!


Enjoy your cleaner, decluttered pantry and fridge and a kitchen environment that supports your new healthy lifestyle! 😃


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